Sea of Thieves: The Quest for the Golden Bananas

Global Treasure Hunt : London & Berlin production

To launch the new multiplayer game "Sea Of Thieves," we worked with No Mimes Media and their client Microsoft, XBox, Rare Studios and Edelman UK to create "The Quest For The Golden Bananas."
A globe-spanning treasure hunt, "The Quest" challenged pirate crews to solve a series of fiendish riddles and uncover the hidden location of a valuable treasure. To do so, players were sent to hidden sites online and real-world locations to dig up the answers. In the end, one victorious crew snared the ultimate prize — $100,000 in real, gold-plated bananas. We produced the London and Berlin elements which placed clues at Piccadilly Circus and on the Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin. We also produced and directed the ‘making of the golden bananas’ films at Hatton Garden goldsmiths, Smith & Harris.

Dark Detour

Multi-platform Horror Anthology

Dark Detour is a storycentral (Alison Norrington) and NoMimes Media (Steve Peters) Halloween horror anthology series told in real-time through social media and more. Happening every year in the days leading up to Halloween night, you’ll virtually travel in real-time with our hapless victims as they descend deeper and deeper into a place from which there seems no escape.

  • For more info on the experience, check out the site.

FINDHER : Swipe left to find the right match

Web Series in partnership with BigChild, Traumhaus Studios and MDR Sputnik

On his 29th birthday, TIM (François Goeske) is left by his long-time girlfriend ANNA (Lucie Hollmann) and, prompted by his brother, BEN joins an online dating site to try and find the love of his life.

But will he find her? Will Tim find the love of his life?

A 26 episode YouTube series, with ancillary stories on Instagram (@findherdiewebserie), storycentral wrote the 'stories behind the stories' and the entire social media strategy and narrative..

A co-production of bigchild and Traumhaus Studios GmbH together with MDR Sputnik

The project was developed with the support of Fernsehen aus Thüringen 2016, a production initiative of the Thüringer Staatskanzlei and the Stiftung für Technologie, Innovation und Forschung Thüringen, carried out by the Förderverein Deutscher Kinderfilm e.V. (Association for the Promotion of German Children's Film).

The Launch : Finding Your Voice

Communications & Oracy Educational Experience

Like us, do you believe it’s time to rethink the way students learn in our out-of-date education system? Are you frustrated by the lack of soft skills focus in our national curriculum? Is oracy a priority in your school development plan? At Finding your Voice, we are very excited to be introducing our state-of-the-art, cutting-edge verbal communications programme - one which seeks to revolutionise the way schools think about how their students learn best.

Our school package gives schools and colleges a low-cost, high-quality way of bringing oracy teaching and learning back to the forefront of their English or PSHE curriculum. Delivered over twelve chapters, students are taught everything from the art of a handshake to how to deliver presentations to large audiences under pressure. Finding your Voice is non-selective and ensures that every young person who journeys through the programme will become more confident, articulate and ultimately, employable. This is about giving every young person in the country the very best chances of success for the future, and when it matters most. Coming across well in the most pressurised of situations can be the difference between success and not, in some cases drastically shifting the trajectory of their career path.

Learn more at

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