storycentralLABS/CBS Interactive FINALISTS

storycentralLABS LOGOWe’re extremely excited to announce our 3 finalists for our upcoming storycentralLABS with CBS Interactive at ITVFest next week in Vermont.

Submissions were only open to shows officially selected to screen at ITVFest and we went through many submissions before we finally agreed on our final 3, who will be taken through the storycentralLABS rapid prototyping/development workshop with mentors:

David Katz, VP, Content and Business Development, CBS Interactive,


Jesse Albert, PGA New Media Council Board Member (formerly of ICM) and


Brian Seth Hurst, Chief Storyteller, Co-Founder StoryTech and Global Digital Ambassador for the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


We’re also excited to welcome our jurors:
Dennis Williams, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, HBO,
Bernie Su, Writer, Creator, Producer and
Dan Milano, International Social Media Manager, Dailymotion.
Our esteemed 3 finalists are…..

Going Pro 

Kid Friendly

Watch this space for our announcement on Sunday 27th September 2015 of our final winner of the CBS Interactive Accelerator Challenge $2,000 prize and further information.

storycentralLABS / CBS Interactive Accelerator Challenge



Friday 25th September – 4pm
Saturday 26th September – 1pm

storycentralLABS and CBS Interactive invite ITVFest producers and storytellers with shows screening at ITVFest and with a desire to workshop their webseries/TV pilot to participate in this innovative & fun accelerator challenge as part of ITVFest.  This is a fun session of brainstorming audience engagement strategies, thematic storytelling and crossmedia opportunities for 3 successfully pre-selected shows that are being screened at ITVFest, with a $2000 development prize from CBS Interactive and live on-stage showcase.


The storycentralLABS / CBS Interactive Accelerator puts everything you know and love about rapid prototyping into one experience as 3 successful creative teams are brought on stage to showcase their series and then respond to mentor guidance and industry insights around their show strategy.

With tangible goals and a ticking clock the 3 ITVFest TV/webseries creators will be led by network execs to brainstorm audience engagement strategies that integrate intuitive thematic story-led experience with consideration to audience behaviors, genre and pacing all guided by storycentralLABS and CBS Interactive execs.

The 3 successful show creators/teams will be invited to a private 2-hour highly interactive, dynamic and extremely fun workshop that will broadly cover storyworld, experience design, audience demographics, behaviors and rollout.

The 3 teams will return to the stage the following day, having spent a little time reconsidering a fresh visual pitch to present live, onstage.  Taking guidance from the industry execs, applicants will be expected to communicate a strategy around show-specific cross-platform experiences with commercial deliverables that will embrace and explore virality and long-tail ramifications.

Most importantly, this is a collaborative and fun rapid-prototyping experience.


storycentralLABS and CBS Interactive are looking for:

  • Developed projects – webseries or TV pilots with a full season in the can screening at ITVFest with a very developed sense of series.
  • Shows/Projects that are screening at ITV Fest.
  • Show creators/writers who are willing to have fun in a mini-live prototyping session on-stage, to commit to a 2-hour private lab session with storycentralLABS and CBS Interactive, to spend a little time reworking their pitch to return on stage the following day with a refined pitch
  • Teams/creators willing to be photographed, mentioned in PR material from CBS Interactive and storycentralLABS.
  • Be eligible to win a CBS Accelerator prize  – an ongoing mentorship and discussion with CBS Interactive and storycentralLABS with a no-guarantee option to develop more of your series plus $2K development prize

In a 3-hour fun session (1 hour on stage and 2 hours in a private development lab) the 3 successfully selected projects will be invited on stage and introduced with their sizzle reel/trailer.   CBS Interactive and storycentralLABS will instigate discussion around development and audience engagement with the 3 teams, before the group retreat to a private 2-hour lab away from the stage to cover points such as ‘how to create additional content to move audiences’ and considerations around timing, pacing, genre, distribution. Using a highly successful industry modular format teams will be asked to consider specific components of their project.

At the end of the 2-hour private lab each of the 3 teams will be asked to spent a couple of hours on a fresh re-pitch of their show, live on stage the following day. Mentors will be available for informal and brief guidance following this session.


With a deadline of Sunday 13th September 2015 applicants are asked to submit a 3-4 page treatment including audience demographic information along with a 3-5 minute sizzle reel/trailer.  storycentralLABS mentors and CBS Interactive will pre-select a final 3 for this live Accelerator.  Successful applicants will be informed in advance and sent information to detail what is to be expected and how mentors will be available for informal guidance on the evening between the on-stage workshop and the re-pitch session.

Successful applicants will be informed by Friday 18th September 2015.

Twitter: @storycentral
Mobile UK: +44 (0)7930 692968
Mobile USA: +1 661 755 9591

Download Application Form

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MMXV vi – Basic Plots

story blueprints

The skeleton plots are relatively simple, but the settings, eras, pacing and characterisations around only 7 basic plots is intriguing.

Christopher Booker spent 34 years (so you don’t have to!) unpacking these in The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories, using examples from ancient myths and folk talks via plays, movies, TV and novels Booker highlights 7 archetypal recurring themes of:

• Overcoming The Monster

• Rags to Riches

• The Quest

• Voyage & Return

• Comedy

• Tragedy

• Rebirth


#MMXV52 - Basic

MMXV iv – Tribes

exclusive inclusivityEpic storyworlds such as Game of Thrones, Harry Potter and Hunger Games have all layered in ‘people groups’, offering audiences a choice of which ‘type’ of District, House or Kingdom they’d like to vicariously inhabit as they immerse themselves and suspend disbelief…

See our take on the value of exclusive inclusivity at