BTL Brands & The Chatsfield Storyworld as Brand

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We’re shining a big, glaring, zillion-watt light on BTL Brands – the Soho design agency that created The Chatsfield brand.

We brought BTL Brands in at the early development phase to create the ‘look & feel’ of a luxury 5* hotel for our client, Harlequin Mills & Boon, amid many discussions that would be ‘a website about a hotel and not just a hotel website‘.  The difference between a ‘website about a hotel’ and a ‘hotel website’ lies in the storyworld building, the arena, the setting, the stage for the numerous guests that pass through a hotel and the staff behind the scenes that populate the website about the hotel.  Put simply, a ‘hotel website’ serves as a 1-dimensional sales tool and would never be evocative as a central point.   Basically we wanted to create Friends’ Central Perk, EastEnders’ Queen Vic, Mad Men’s Stirling Cooper Draper Pryce rather than just a coffee shop/pub/office working space…




In considering The Chatsfield brand, BTL Brands created more than the look & feel – they created the imagery, the products, tone and atmosphere of how a Chatsfield experience would feel, right down to the exquisite hand-printed packaging, featured on Packaging of the World.  The tone and Chatsfield brand had to evoke that of a 5* legacy hotel whilst also being on-brand for Harlequin Mills & Boon audiences:



Chatsfield-champagne paper


Time was taken to consider products that would work ‘in-story’ and were also on-brand for The Chatsfield as a lifestyle brand as well as a storyworld:


chatsfield ace



chatsfield jessie cards


chatsfield macaroons


chatsfield pool


BTL’s work on The Chatsfield has been featured exclusively in Creative Review and BTL have created an insightful and interesting infographic on basic user-journey & flow:


BTL Post Prod Planogram


storycentral currently have other projects in development with BTL Brands and I strongly urge you to check them out for yourself at:



The Chatsfield

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The Chatsfield experience sprung from a fictional storyworld born as an 8-book series published by Harlequin Mills & Boon UK.

At its’ core is an epic non-linear storyworld focusing on family, loyalty, love and revenge, with a core question,

“when power and money drive passions, can love conquer all?”



The Chatsfield Hotel has prided itself on style and spectacle, but the exploits of the Chatsfield family and staff bring scandal to the tagline too.  The newest generation of Chatsfields have spiralled out of control; rumours of affairs, abandonment and avarice have put the Chatsfield brand at the fore once again – this time for all the wrong reasons, while Lucilla Chatsfield’s Exec Assistant Jessie Loe, a cheeky chambermaid Ally Gregory, the new master cocktail maker Daniel Northman, media mogul Adam Brightman, and a scurrilous Hotel Manager all have a host of secrets of their own…

THE CHATSFIELD EXPERIENCE is where you’ll check in – put your name on the guest list, leave your baggage with the concierge and trust your secrets to the gilded halls of the world’s most lavish and lascivious hotel.

 chatsfield trailer


At you step through the doors of the flagship London 5* hotel and have the option to CHECK IN.



Checking in means creating your personal profile with your email address

(and, if you want the full immersive experience) your telephone number.


Checking in immediately welcomes you as a Chatsfield C-list VIP and you’ll receive a welcome pack

in which there is a room key and a series of partner offers.

Checking in also brings a more layered experience, but we’ll come back to that later.



Scrolling vertically through The Chatsfield website you will come across 4 key characters:

  • JESSIE LOE, Exec Assistant to Lucilla Chatsfield


Enter her office and choose to click on her phone to dial her directly, her TV – which launches her mini blog web series The Loedown (in response to a challenge set by her best friend Katie Jones)

or, if you want to really dig into a host of stories you can click on her iMac and have direct access to Jessie’s Inbox. jessiesinbox

Jessie’s Inbox is what’s known as a ‘rabbit hole’ (think Alice In Wonderland) where you can access daily updates of emails from people close to Jessie – her Mum (June) as she joins Facebook and proceeds to question Jessie’s every status update, her best friend (New Yorker Katie Jones, who has set her this challenge to stay single for 3 months – which means closing her 7 dating site accounts and send a video diary 3 times a week).

Jessie’s inbox also opens new stories about her fitful relationship with her ex, Jason, and her struggles as she tries to encourage him to do what she does so well – online dating,

jason email

confusingly flirtatious and then serious emails from our resident media mogul ADAM BRIGHTMAN (currently living in the Presidential Suite), as Jessie can’t figure out why he always wants to talk and whether he’s flirting with her, or just being nice…



… and frustratingly observant emails from hunky new mixologist and bar manager DANIEL NORTHMAN, who plays cat-and-mouse with Jessie until the power shifts a few weeks into their relationship as she finds out his own personal quest and his dark secrets…

northman business card!


…but not before he’s put Jessie through her paces and a series of highs and lows.  (In an exciting twist, Jessie & Dan ‘save’ each other… but no spoilers here!)

           dan Tough Mudder 16May


Jessie’s inbox also open the doors to another quandary – her sudden and mysterious ‘sekritadmirer’, who sends a courier with gifts to her office regularly, emails her and also sends her a mobile phone loaded with riddles and obscure clues as to who he might be



Her inbox is also full of tormenting messages from her closed dating site accounts as they try to lure her back, her boss (Lucilla), her work friend (Sophie) and other Chatsfield characters.

Jessie’s inbox will also introduce you to a new friendship a 4th key character:


You too can email characters for further information, personal questions, in-story puzzles and dilemmas and you will receive personal and direct replies in real time – click the links in the website to see where emails pop up for you to send and await personal responses from.

For more insight into Jessie’s staying single challenge, check out The Loedown (accessed through Jessie’s wall-mounted TV in her office or at  This is Jessie’s video diary as she documents her quest and struggle to remain single – a challenge that she initially thinks is ludicrous, but slowly realises is a well-timed rescue mission from her best friend Katie.



Within The Loedown you will find a series of short episodes (1.5 to 2 minutes) that will give further bite-sized insights into Jessie’s life, her mood, her dilemmas and a host of emails that she receives from the ‘Bond-like’ Daniel Northman.  Jessie is juggling a lot! A sudden influx of men who, collectively tick her boxes, a friend on her back who has set this challenge along with an additional demand that she watch 24 Romantic Movies over the course of the 13 weeks, an overpowering and yet frustrating attraction to Daniel Northman, a new chambermaid friend with a big secret, a secret admirer and some dark ghosts from her past that she’s struggling to come to terms with



Back to the website

Returning to The Chatsfield lobby at will allow you to scroll vertically again to find

ALLY GREGORY (our Chatsfield chambermaid with a family problem, a big secret and an acute eye for business),

DANIEL NORTHMAN (Bar Manager and mixologist – new recruit at The Chatsfield) who, as you follow emails in Jessie’s inbox and interact with characters you will find yourself at the heart of an exciting murder mystery story and Jessie’s additional quest to find out who Daniel Northman really is.

ADAM BRIGHTMAN, media mogul and resident in the Presidential Suite is another confusing liaison for Jessie as he continues to buy her ‘Monday flowers’, always wants to ‘talk’, but constantly changes the plans at the last minute.

There are many choices for how YOU want to experience The Chatsfield, through the 8-book series, bite-sized chunks of video in The Loedown, immersive storytelling by character in Jessie’s Inbox, through social media at,, on Twitter through @jessieloedown, @blissundone, @brightman_adam or @TheChatsfield.

So now, let’s get back to Checking In.

Checking in kickstarts an interactive mystery game involving DANIEL NORTHMAN, for which you will gain access to a personalised BOND folder (yes, Jessie thinks he’s rather like 007) where you’ll find clues, receive badges and rewards for communicating with characters, helping some of them on their individual missions and quests and the further along you get, the more information you have with inside information.


There are 30 badges and amongst the ones you’ll be hoping to win are:

  • Guest in Residence
  • Insomniac
  • Frequent Flyer
  • XOXO Gossip Girl
  • Twitterholic
  • Lounge Lizard
  • Early Riser
  • Late Night Cruiser
  • Jessie’s Buddy
  • Detective on the Go
  • Sherlock …   and there are real rewards too…

And then you can share your thoughts, experiences, personal stories and conversation topics that have interested or excited you in the Chatsfield Lounge -  The Lounge is your space to get to know each other, discuss story lines and even collaborate on ideas as to who Jessies’ secret admirer is, romantic movies, helping Jessie with her quest and finding out the secret storyline behind Daniel Northman.



The Chatsfield has been crafted so that you choose your own experience – short-form video, conversations on social media, immersive storytelling with easter eggs and clues through Jessie’s daily emails, a deeper murder mystery that is delivered direct to your devices, group chats, or create your own stories.

You choose how you enjoy the sprawling, exciting stories to be found at The Chatsfield.

Share which room you’ve been assigned to at - you never know what might be coming next……


room 139


Transmedia Programming Masterclass – Asia Media Summit, Indonesia – 2013

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After 2 days at the pre-events for 10th Asia Media Summit, with delegates from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia – (Universitas Islam Sultan Agung), (Radio Republik Indonesia –  RRI), Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Timor, Thailand, Vietnam teaching Transmedia Programming, I promised to provide a short list of resources for further reading.

This is an entry-level list of published works that highlight a transmedia approach to storytelling:

Nuno Bernardo: The Producers Guide to Transmedia: How to Develop, Fund, Produce and Distribute Compelling Stories Across Mutliple Platforms, 2011 -
Producers Guide to Transmedia
Henry Jenkins, 2006. Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide. New York: New York University Press. -
Convergence Culture
Andrea Phillips: A Creators Guide to Transmedia Storytelling, 2012 -
Creators Guide

 Robert Pratten – Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling -

rob book


Blogs of note include:

The Production Bible that was mentioned during the Masterclass, written by Gary Hayes for Screen Australia can be found here, and is a great resource!

production bible


And links to some posts I’ve written that highlight approaches to transmedia storytelling can be found here:

peter pan neverland

collapsus pic


It was great to meet you all and keep developing those projects!



Sustainable, Evergreen Storyworlds

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I was asked to give a ‘transmedia talk’ at London Book Fair this year and it posed me with a problem.  I’ve been talking ‘transmedia’ to publishers for nearly 8 years and I figured it was time for a change.

Let’s talk about story instead.

Rather than talk generically for an hour on expanding a story across territories, timelines and audiences I decided to frame my talk around a book I’ve been reading and enjoying – Hit Lit – Cracking The Code of The Twentieth Century’s Biggest Bestsellers.  As I’ve been more closely researching and questioning story structure, narrative design, fragmented narratives and audience behaviors around story experiences, I came across this book which suggests that there are key motifs or features that exist within bestselling stories.


Intrigued that there might be a ‘code’, it presented itself as a ‘must-read’.

In it, creative writing professor and thriller writer, James W Hall consults Alice Payne Hackett, the leading authority on which books sold the most through the 20th Century and identifies 12 novels that are bestsellers based on a tight criteria – not so much because of the ‘velocity’ of sales, but sustained sales over time.

He has identified key motifs, or features, in all 12 of these bestsellers, many of which echoed components that suggest suitability for a story world, (along with opportunities to look at these components when building storyworld opportunities):

  • THE GOLDEN COUNTRY (storyworld)
  • HOT BUTTONS (themes & beats)
  • THE BIG PICTURE (characters & timelines)
  • NOTHING BUT THE FACTS, MA’AM (authenticity and opportunities for interaction)
  • SECRET SOCIETIES (opportunities for immersion and gameplay)
  • BUMPKINS VERSUS SLICKERS (the heroes journey)
  • A DOZEN MAVERICKS (‘Jack Sparrow’ personalities and independent thinkers)
  • FRACTURED FAMILIES (real-life problems, the rise of the under-dog or triumph over adversity)


The 12 books selected are:

•The Godfather, 1969 – (12,140,000 sold)

•The Exorcist, 1971

•To Kill a Mockingbird, 1960

•Peyton Place, 1956

•Valley of the Dolls, 1966

•Jaws, 1974

•Gone With the Wind, 1936

•The Bridges of Madison County, 1992

•The Dead Zone, 1979

•The Hunt for Red October, 1984

•The Firm, 1991

•The Da Vinci Code, 2003

and it immediately struck me how many of these had been further retold in movie form.


So to look at some of these 12 features a little closer:

  • THE BIG PICTURE – James W Hall references “colossal characters doing magnificent things on a sweeping stage” and “a small story told against a sweeping backdrop – that’s the pattern repeating again and again in the most successful bestsellers

Gone With The Wind spans two storyworld locations, splitting time between Atlanta and Tara

Peyton Place gives short and crucial glimpses of Manhattan although most of the novel takes place in the semi-rural town of the title, while To Kill a Mockingbird takes us on long wallow in backwater America with brief references to the great cities beyond it’s limits.

In Jaws, the carefree island of Amity is only half a days drive from avenues of Manhattan and the population are known as ‘summer folk’ and winter folk’, which you could perhaps substitute for ‘city’ and ‘country’.

The storyworld is build around an isolated sanctuary that they rent out for part of each year.  Their economy depends on annual migration of tourists – but before throngs arrive we get a glimpse of the island in its natural state and the author plays out one ‘world’ against the other to give dimension and depth.


  • NOTHING BUT THE FACTS, MA’AM – “An abundance of facts and information, including everything from etiquette to the nuts-and-bolts layout of a sub-marine, fills these 12 books.  The didactic function is as old as the novel form itself and continues to be a chief attraction in bestselling novels.”

 Stuffed full of facts about submarines, governmental agencies and protocol.

On opening the covers of The Da Vinci Code an avalanche of post-it notes spills out, as well as file cards, and a clutter of short essays along with jottings about the Louvre, riffs on goddesses and feminism, the Hebrew alphabet, the Depository Bank of Zurich.


  • SECRET SOCIETIES – “All twelve of these bestsellers expose the inner workings of at least one secret society”.

The Firm revealed an unvarnished story of the inner workings of high-powered law firms.

A behind the scenes scoop.

  • BUMPKINS VERSUS SLICKERS – All have a central character that sets off on journey – mostly in opposite direction – from city to countryside or reverse.  Journeys of this type have mythical echoes as old as Epic of Gilgamesh and in a contemporary era the same structureal underpinnings are at work from Star Wars to The Wizard of Oz – a character is called to adventure. After initially refusing the call, that character is galvanized into ation by an event and leaves the safety of their ordinary world, eventualy reaching a perilous place that Vogler calls “the inmost cave”.

So we have country girls in City in Peyton Place and City Boys in Country in The Firm.

  • RELIGION – All 12 feature religion in prominent ways, consistently critiquing orthodox religious practices and the dangers of zealotry and take a look at faith and doubt, outing hypocrisy, secularism, supernatural calculus, along with the power of blasphemy.


  • A DOZEN MAVERICKS – The heros/heroines of these 12 bestsellers are all rebels, loners, misfits or mavericks.  Mavericks are fabulous instigators and protagonists – Huck Finn realises he is a maverick because of his refusal to fit in with his spinster aunt Sally, in Top Gun Tom Cruise, plays a fighter jet pilot who takes the same handle as his nickname.   Creating tension between mavericks and conventionalists operates at the core of great storyworlds, from Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars and Narnia to Star Trek.
  • FRACTURED FAMILIES – In each of the 12 novels a member of a broken family finds an ingenious way to transcend their crazy stress.  These novels represent families under economic stress, at emotional war, splitting apart, with a missing parent, dealing with disease, death, infidelity, job stress or life-threatening danger.  All of these 12 bestsellers heroes/heroines are on a journey to eventually find ways to make peace with their extreme losses.


  • THE JUICY PARTS  - in every one of these stories, one key sexual encounter plays a decisive role in the outcome of the plot and in the transformation of the protagonist.  From Princess Leia in Star Wars, the tension as we waited for Harry Potter to fall for Hermione Granger and now The Great & Powerful Oz reveals to us the witches story and the Wizard of Oz – The Great & Powerful Oz now gives us the story of thwarted love and bitter revenge. Twilight dealt with the power of forbidden love, The Firm, The Dead Zone and Jaws touched on cheating and how these moments come back to haunt them, whilst Bridges of Madison County deal with the topic of sexual awakening.

More than a story with a strong theme of sexual awakening and ‘what could have been’, Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson characters are woven around the dramatic tension of the secret society of adultery.  The timeline and storytelling reveals both of their lives prior to meeting, but doesn’t waste time on showing them.

A recurring tension that forces the characters to beat the clock is common in most of these 12 bestsellers, and is also resonant in in these blockbuster/bestsellers:


Hit Lit is by no means a comprehensive look at what makes a great storyworld, an evergreen property nor is a template to ensure a bestseller or a blockbuster, but it is worth a read – especially if you’re interested in the mechanics and architecture of the building blocks of story.

Real digital storytelling across platforms..

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It was what I’d been waiting to hear…  for about five years….

A new e-publishing imprint that’s truly looking for strong robust stories – big enough to build storyworlds around a defined core theme and with the potential to move, whilst also moving you.

And then it was double what I’d been waiting to hear..

They wanted me to work with them on outreach, acquisitions, curation, development and production.  Talk about perfect!

The thing is, you see, I could never be a salesman.  I simply can’t ‘hype’ about things I don’t believe in.  Sky dish insurance, washing machines, vacuum cleaner filters, garden leaf blowers..  It’s all just hot air.

So the news that Harlequin Mills & Boon UK were launching Carina UK – a brand new digital imprint – a dynamic digital publisher of fantastic stories – was exciting!  Because that’s something I believe in.  Like, 100%.

Carina, like me, believe that creativity flourishes best in collaboration and want to work with you to help tell your stories, regardless of genre, platform, length or style, to as many people as possible.

So, on a session at Digital Book World Conference  in New York-  I broke the news about us working together on this exciting venture.  I was co-hosting a session – ‘Beyond Books: New Opportunities for Growth’ along with the awesome Cynthia Cleveland and Nancy Cushing-Jones of Broadlit, who are making impressive moves with their TruLoveStories franchise, and we spoke about books/stories as brand and extending longevity and audience engagement through episodic, high-quality content.  It was the perfect opportunity to verbally launch Carina UK.

I’m excited to say I’ve already received some amazing submissions and enquiry emails but I’d like to see more.  Carina is looking for authors from the UK and Ireland as well as from global markets such as India and South Africa.

Want the ‘official’ spin from Carina?  Buckle up…

“Harlequin UK have been at the forefront of digital publishing for many years and now we are using that expertise to home our new digital list – collaborating with you the author to bring your stories and ideas to readers globally.

Carina will consider ALL genres of writing.  What matters to us is that you tell a great story! No matter the genre, the style,the format – if its a novel, novella, serial or series – we want to hear from fresh voices across the storytelling world.

Publishing is changing rapdily, you are authors in an inspiring new era, and we want to collaborate with you to take advantage of thsese exciting changes and bring the best stories to the world of readers.

If’s your passion, storytelling and voice that will make your manuscript stand out and be conisdered for publication.  The journey after that is limitless….

You will be partnered with highly experienced editors and eagle-eyed copy-editors, creative design experts and award-winning digital marketing and retail team and together they will make your work achieve the very best.  Carina UK is about finding exceptional talent and connecting your creativity and storytelling quickly and cleverly with readers everywhere.”


Guidelines?  They’re simple – tell a good story.  No matter genre, length or style Carina are buying stories that send shivers down their spines, make them laugh out loud, gasp with shock, make them wipe away their tears or stay up all night, make them wish they were vampires! You name it, they’ll tell it.  Just keep them hooked.

Send 3 chapters and a synopsis plus a covering letter.  (legible normal font, 12 point, double spaced) and with full mss word count in covering letter along with your contact info to

or if you have any queries or would like to bounce an idea around, then give me a shout at


Also referenced at The Bookseller – 17Jan2013

Calls for … proposals, submissions, ideas, contributions, papers, applications, games

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Here’s a heady list – a shout out, a call for just about anything, everything, you’ve got!

You’ll find calls for proposals, submissions, ideas, contributions, papers, applications, games and opportunities here – spanning Geneva, Paris, Singapore, Crete, Nebraska and Munich – with a sweet $5,000 up for grabs, courtesy of Intel.

What are you waiting for?


call for proposals:

EU MEDIA Development funding …………………….

New Calls for Proposals for the European MEDIA development funding schemes
have been published. Experienced independent European producers of fiction,
animation, documentary and interactive projects can submit funding
applications. Interactive Project Development is aimed at companies that
have produced at least one previous interactive project (distributed
recently), and that now plan to develop an interactive project which
complements an audiovisual project.

deadline: April 12 2013


… call for contributions:

Foundations of Digital Games 2013  ………….
call for papers, workshops, panels, experimental games and participation:
Foundations of Digital Games 2013, Chania, Crete, Greece, May 14 – 17 2013

Invited are researchers and educators to submit to FDG 2013 and share
insights and cutting-edge research related to game technologies and their


deadlines: Papers, panel proposals, doctoral consortium: December 10 2012;
Research and experimental game festival: January 13 2013;

Posters and demos:  March 4 2013


…. call for ideas:

Intel® Future Contest …………………..

The Intel® Future Contest introduces a new sensing technology. The
technology can be embodied in a device, a set of devices, a system, platform
and/or services. It is for personal, not industrial/large business use. The
goal of the contest is to understand how you would use this technology, and
what it would look like. Due to its very small size, gadgets embodying this
technology can be worn/carried/used 24 hours a day. All ideas should be as
detailed and comprehensible as possible. Entries must be in English. Award:
1st place: $5,000; 2nd place: $2,500; 3rd place: $1,500

deadline: December 18 2012


….. call für applications:

UAMO Art Festival in Munich 2013 …………..
UAMO (Urban Art and Media Organisation) Art Festival
Munich, Germany, Spring 2013

The international and interdisciplinary UAMO ART FESTIVAL takes place in
Munich since 2004 and annually offers more than 50 artists from around the
world a platform for their works. The festival’s theme to which the artists
can present their works varies each year. Recent themes have been ” Ultra
Social” (2011) or “Konsens – Nonsens” (2010). 2012/13 the theme is “PLAY
TIME”. In addition to the ART FESTIVAL in Munich, there is the UAMO CITY
TOUR 2012/2013 in Sofia, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, Zurich, Gyumri
(Armenia), Cairo, Valencia and London.

deadline: December 31 2012


…… call for papers:

ACII 2013.

The 5th International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction ……………………….
Geneva, Switzerland, September 2 – 5 2013

This ACII edition will emphasize the humanistic side of affective
computing by promoting publications at the cross-road between
engineering and human sciences (including biological, social and
cultural aspects of human life).


deadlines: Regular Papers: April 2 2013;

Doctoral Consortium Papers: April 15 2013;

Interactive Events (Demos): April 29 2013;


…… call for applications:


Vector Game + Art Convergence is a four day Game Art Festival and symposium
centered around games as the tool and inspiration for contemporary art
making. Works of all media will be considered for an exhibition surveying a
spectrum of practices within game art. Video for installation, interactive
works of new media, print media, sculpture, textile and more. More than
simply fan artworks based on games and gaming culture, we are seeking works
that challenge assumptions about gaming writ large. Formal investigations on
the medium will be considered as well as works that push the form of Œgames¹
into the experimental.

deadline: December 10 2012


….. call for games:

Epic Flash Game Contest  ……………………….
(winners will be announce on March 27 2013 during GDC)

To promote WhipFlash, their new game funding and distribution partner, Epic
Game Ads in cooperation with PlayerScale and Adobe, are presenting the first
Epic Flash Game Contest. To participate, simply build a great multiplayer
game with micro-transactions using Player.IO tools … In addition to the
prizes, winners will receive a lifetime 50% Net Revenue from the game.

deadline: February 18 2013.


…. call for papers:

Digital Humanities ……………………………..
call for papers: Digital Humanities 2013 (³Freedom to Explore²),

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA, July 16 – 19 2013

Digital Humanities is the annual international conference of the Alliance of
Digital Humanities Organizations, which includes the Association for
Computers in the Humanities, the Association for Literary and Linguistic
Computing, the Society for Digital Humanities/Société pour l¹étude des
médias interactifs, and centerNet.

deadline: February 15 2013 (workshops)


… cfp:

Serious Games & Social Connect Conference …………………….

Call for Papers: Serious Games & Social Connect Conference.

Theme: ‘Subconscious Learning via Games and Social Media’,

Singapore, August  26 ­-28 2013

In recent years, several enterprises have realised the potential of using
games to introduce concepts and ideas about their services and products
using games and the social media platform. This was aided by the
proliferation of mobile devices. As such, games are no longer Œchild¹s
play¹. Working adults and seniors are beginnning to play more games.
At the same time, academic research in gaming technologies has recently
witnessed a plateau in improving rendering, texture mapping, physics and
artificial intelligence. There is currently a change in focus towards the
human users ­ user experiences, effective game story-boarding,
human-computer interaction and optimal experience design.

deadlines: Technical Papers -  February 1,

Industry Abstracts – March 1 2013


.. call for submissions:

CHI 2013 ……………………………………
Paris 22 April – 2 May 2013

The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the
premier international conference on human-computer interaction. CHI 2013 is
about changing perspectives. The conference is multidisciplinary, drawing
from science, engineering and design, with contributions from research
and industry.

deadline: January 5 2013 (alt.chi, interactivity, student competitions and


. call for participation:

Game Jam at CHI 2013 ………………………..
Paris, France, April 27 ­ 28

Game Jams ­energized, fast-paced get-togethers of developers and artists to
make digital games ­ have emerged as a way to generate and provoke novel
game ideas. To introduce the HCI community to this collaborative fast-paced
approach to quick results, there will be a 2-day Game Jam that focusing on
new physical interfaces. During this hands-on workshop, participants
will collaborate with other researchers and practitioners across the CHI
community to build games with novel physical interfaces.

deadline: January 11 2013