It's AN exciting time for storytellers

The world of storytelling and entertainment continues to evolve as audiences choose how, where and when they connect with story, disrupting old modes of interaction, distribution and formats.  

So what do we do?

It's a question we are frequently asked, and you may not be surprised to find that it's NOT JUST ONE THING.

We're sometimes bought on at a concept phase - to deep dive into story with a focus on structure, genre, pacing and legitimacy.

Other times we're engaged at a developmental stage - which means we go through the story and strategy with a fine-toothed comb to make sure that relevant opportunities are being exploited - yes, we hate that word too - that audience engagement triggers are baked into the story and that measurements of success are defined.

Then we're often appointed on writing teams, storyworld builders, storybible creators, experience designers, audience engagers and a host of other things that often arise as we work through this process.

So, you see - not just one thing, but all with theme as the DNA and story at the heart, at the centre.


The world of storytelling and entertainment continues to evolve as audiences choose how, where and when they connect with story, disrupting old modes of interaction, distribution and formats.  

storycentral positions this 'increasing sophistication of storytelling' as a baseline, a foundation that weaves in consideration of audience and levels of immersion, along with measurements of 'success'.  storycentral it works with studios, TV networks, theme parks, agencies, publishers, brands and writers to develop and prototype innovative Intellectual Property, encouraging new methods for connecting with audiences, immersive interactive storytelling across these exciting new distribution channels.


Our mantra?

Be genuine, BE relevanT, BE credible

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A storycentralLAB blends Game James and Hackathons into one experience, aligning it with an active commercialpropertywith tangible goals, an innovative brief and a ticking clock.

Participants form multi-disciplinary teams to prototype story extensions and digital experiences that integrate intuitive technology with a sustainable strategy - all around a series from a mainstream studio, network, brand or publisher.

Teams jointly develop cross-platform IP that is story-centric and experience-led with specific commercial deliverables that will embrace and explore virality and long-tail ramifications. 

storycentralLABS are collaborative and fun experiences.

Major TV networks and broadcasters such as CBS Interactive, AMC, SundanceTV, DR (Denmark) and CBC (Canada) continue to develop and prototype shows in a storycentralLAB.

For more info on upcoming storycentralLABS please click the 'EVENTS' tab at the top right.  

We're currently developing labs with Singapore Media Academy, with Bravo (NBC Universal) and with London Film School.

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I am still buzzing with all the information and examples you provided in your workshop. I have been researching cross platform story telling for over a year but did not come close to your presentation. You really brought it all home for me.
— Therese Andre, participant London Film School
“The CBS Interactive storycentralLABS!
One of the best panels of the festival.”
— Philip Gilpin. Jr, Executive Director, ITVFestival
“One of the best experiences I have had in the business!”
— Brian Seth Hurst, Managing Partner, StoryTech – storycentralLABS mentor
Thank you for your time and most excellent content, Alison. What is too often missing from training is the front line practicalities from practitioners. You had that in spades. It was a real pleasure!
— - Mary Lynn Lalonde, UNICEF
I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful time in Monte Carlo (Festival de Television, storycentralLABS with DR). It was super fun to get to take part in the lab and of course very exciting to win the pitch!
— Hillevi Gustafson (winning team Rides Upon The Storm)
This lab was a multi-platform producer’s dream; the opportunity to solve real world challenges with a brand new creative team for a seriously meaty Sundance TV series in ...oh yeah... less than 48 hours!
— Angela Antle, CBC (winning team with ‘Hitchhike The Red Road’)