Zeitgeist Cinema, Duluth, Minnesota : 9th, 10th, 11th October 2019

As long term partners/advisors to Catalyst Content Fest (formerly ITVFest) we are thrilled and excited at the Festival’s transition from Vermont to Minnesota.

Having debuted StoryWorldSESSIONS in Vermont in 2018 we look forward to partnering with Catalyst for a second year at their new home in Duluth this October with a slightly tighter focus on the topics for discussion and our responsibility as storytellers in our crazy world.

Once again we're bringing our rapidly expanding global network together for 3 days with morning sessions in an amazing lineup of story-intensive flash talks and conversations -  the perfect way to start your day before jumping into Catalyst production panels and screenings in the afternoon and all for just $125!

StoryWorldSESSIONS : The Moment is Now!

For the first time ever, and mindful of our present times, StoryWorldSESSIONS deliberately shifts focus for this years event at Catalyst Content Festival with a closer look at the responsibility we have as storytellers, but all still wrapped up in our fun and informal StoryWorldSESSIONS way.

As storytellers we have a responsibility to have a voice, but also to facilitate voices; to be relevant whilst being credible, to tackle and integrate issues and topics into our work (sometimes in fun, lighthearted ways) to touch people’s hearts and minds, to be mindful of inclusivity without blurring lines of cultural appropriation, to understand how ‘movements’ in an angry world parallel some of the best storytelling, experience design and do what, ultimately all human beings crave… To be part of something.

StoryWorldSESSIONS ‘The Moment is Now’ raises the curtain from a storytelling, world building and experience design point of view at inclusivity from LGBTQ perspectives, neurodiversity and being human – all under the umbrella of how our differences bring us together rather than divide us. 

This all sounds rather worthy, but will be a light tough rather than a fire hose and will be part of a series of conversations that look at ISSUES as well as CRAFT, DESIGN and PRODUCTION.



Carrie Cutforth

Since 2010, Carrie has been at the forefront of cutting-edge of interactive storytelling in Canada. She has served as the roles of consultant, advisor, producer, and evaluator for all types of interactive projects including VR, AR, transmedia, web series, alternate reality games, and more. She has served on numerous boards and juries in service to the interactive storytelling/screen-content industries.

In addition to her own creative practice, Carrie consults on audience development and discoverability plans for interactive and cross-platform funding applications for films and TV & digital series.

A Toronto-based alchemist who creates art and words from the crushed horns of rainbow unicorns and the stolen tears of lost Yetis, Carrie is a foul-mouthed saucy minx, a salty dog, and word farmer. Her kids call her ‘Mumsy’.

Carrie Cutforth

Salon : Mainstreaming Marginal Voices

As storytellers, how can we be inclusive of identities that are not our own? Who gets to tell whose stories? And how can we avoid common missteps and pitfalls when writing characters to reach underserved audiences?

Rabblerouser Carrie Cutforth will screen a demo reel for an upcoming interactive documentary to jumpstart an informal but lively discussion on the (mis)representation of queer and other marginalized identities. The TOP SECRET demo reel to be screened is for a feature-length documentary that explores the representation of fictional LGBTQ+ characters on television, and the real-world impact that these negative or positive portrayals can have.

Open to all creators who want to write it right and those frustrated by lack of representation, negative stereotypes, and queerbaiting.

Jeff Gomez

Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 23.32.00.png

The Movement Is Now

Jeff Gomez is CEO of Starlight Runner and one of the world’s leading experts in story and narrative design. He works with C-suite executives, creative visionaries, and global leaders to maximize the effectiveness of brand narratives, develop vast fictional story worlds, and design highly successful transmedia franchises. Jeff has teamed with top creators on such blockbuster properties as Avatar, Halo, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Spider-Man. Concerned about the ways in which story is being used to foment authoritarianism and extreme beliefs, Jeff has also adapted his techniques to the Collective Journey narrative model, which has been applied toward the resolution of crises in Mexico, Colombia, and Australia.



A Study in Voice & Branding

This informal session hosted by Jaclyn Amor and Juliet Lopez reveals the importance of knowing your audience as well as the brands/platforms you’re working with.

A study in voice and branding, Jac and Juliet reveal their expertise of walking in with a solid idea but being flexible enough to adjust that pitch for different partners/audiences to pique the interest of potential collaborators or investors.

They will also discuss how they’re passionate about working to 2019 standards with inclusivity and less of a male gaze and using that as a selling point without alienating "the man behind the money".

Alison Norrington

Alison Norrington.png

Building Community & Exclusive Inclusivity

An essential human desire is to ‘be part of something’. It explains much of the behaviour around organised religion, your favourite sports team, or best movie EVER. To be a member, part of a group, be included, affiliated to, associated with or connected to is a fundamental human need. Movie blockbusters such as the Harry Potter franchise, Star Wars and Hunger Games and TV series right back to the days of Heroes, Valemont and used storyworld building techniques and a design-thinking approach to build communities and make audiences feel exclusively included.


Vinca L. Jarrett, Esq. is an entertainment lawyer and president of FilmPro Finance, a financial consulting service for investors and producers for funding one-off films and building film slates. Vinca has worked on slate financing deals with investment banks including CIBC, West LB, Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, and ICB, to introduce financiers to top tiered producers with A-list packaged projects. Her top tiered clients have included Icon, Focus Films, Cosmic Entertainment, APG, and the producers of Catch Me if You Can and I Robot. Filmpro has served as the holding company for financing distribution of studio films that include DIE HARD 4, THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, and ALIENS VS. PREDATORS. Vinca has provided legal services for and consulted to investors, producers, writers, directors, talent, performers, musicians, composers, film offices, and festivals around the world, and counseled and represented various tax incentives including Louisiana, Puerto Rico, and Arizona, and helped develop the tax incentives in Massachusetts. 

A few of her projects include the theatrically released films THE PERFECT GAME, THE FOURTH KIND, PEACE, LOVE AND MISUNDERSTANDING, DISAPPEARANCES, and SWING AWAY, and internationally and domestically released THE CAVERN, THE RISING PLACE, ANATHEMA, Roger Corman’s THE STRANGLER’S WIFE, CRYPSIS, THE DUCHESS OF CANCUN, and the documentaries including WITCH HUNT, FAR OUT ISN’T FAR ENOUGH, TOUCHING THE GAME, THE STRANGE NAME MOVIE, and THE SURGE for PBS’s Frontline. On series she has worked on development of drama, comedies, and reality based TV, including the home improvement show BACK HOME, and a limited series based on the life of William Penn. 

She is currently writing the non-fiction work SHOW ME THE F#©K!NG MONEY (SMTFM): HOW TO INVEST, RAISE AND RECOUP MONEY IN THE FILM INDUSTRY, and launched the TV series of the same name in 2014 in which she interviews A-list financiers, distributors, bankers, investors, attorneys, casting agents, and producers from around the world. SMTFM can be watched at 

Vinca co-chaired the prestigious BLOOMBERG INTERNATIONAL FILM & TV FINANCE SUMMIT for more than a decade held bi-annually in NY and LA. She speaks around the world on film finance addressing investors, financiers and industry professionals, and has appeared on Fox Business News, CBS, and NPR’s All Things Considered as an expert on film and television finance. She has served on numerous Boards of Director and Boards of Advisor, including Artists United, Company One, Interlock Media, ImprovBoston, the Golden Trailer Awards, Red Rose Film Festival, and Catalyst formerly known as ITV FEST. 

Please see and for more information. 

Vinca Jarrett.png

Freelancing: Protect Yourself & Your IP

Entertainment Attorney and Executive Producer Vinca Jarrett hosts an informal 45 minute salon where she will walk through the opportunities, challenges and potential pitfalls of working as a writer, producer, and creator from the perspective of protecting yourself, your rights and ownership of your IP. We'll start with a 15-20 minute overview of how to secure your rights from the get go, and then open the room up for a hugely valuable round of Q&A where you can ask the questions that you may have been afraid to or hadn't thought of before.

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A specific pass must be purchased in order to be admitted into StoryWorld Sessions at a remarkable $125!

(General festival passes and creator badges do not apply). 

Come for everything Catalyst and add this special experience onto your time here, or signup just for StoryWorld Sessions in order to dig in deep whether you're old friends or new, join the shenanigans of the StoryWorld tribe.  

Tickets are limited - what are you waiting for? 


UK Roadshow for The Children’s Media Foundation on Kids + VR

Following on from our KIDS+VR thread at The Children’s Media Conference in 2017, we have embarked on a year-long, UK Roadshow to bring some of the best brains on VR, storytelling and experience design around the table together, focussing on 4 discussion points:

  1. Crossing Physical to Virtual : Onboarding (hosted by Dubit in Leeds in March 2018)

  2. Narrative Design for VR + Kids (hosted by Immersive Storytelling Studio, National Theatre in London in June 2018)

  3. Conjuring Magical Experiences for Kids in VR (hosted by Immotion, Manchester in September 2018)

  4. Making Kids Feel : Emotional Design for Kids in VR (to be hosted in Bristol in November 2018).


These 4 events all bring up a series of proposed best practices, which will be prototyped by Digital Narratives students at Royal College of Arts in London in December.

The format is simple. Invitation-only, 30 people max, 4 speakers each with 15 minutes to present on their given topic and 15 minutes for the room to discuss, embellish, debate. Our first speaker at the Manchester event was Director of VR, Immotion - Peter Caddock who spoke on Ontological Design & Spatial Awareness, but triggered a much deeper conversation on a misinformation paradigm, the embedding of false memories, the potential of VR to change behaviour, the power of Photoshop and our responsibilities as storytellers!

The overview and embedded links to more academic research is here at -


Manchester, Vermont : 10th, 11th, 12th October 2018

Hot on the heels of StoryWorld 3.0 in Los Angeles in May, we're excited to be partnering with ITVFest in Vermont this October for the first of our StoryWorld Sessions pop up events.   We're bringing our network together for 3 days with morning sessions in an amazing lineup of story-intensive sessions -  the perfect way to start your day before jumping into ITVFest production panels and screenings in the afternoon and for just $99.

The Schedule


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A specific pass must be purchased in order to be admitted into StoryWorld Sessions at a remarkable $99!

(General festival passes and creator badges do not apply). 

Come for everything ITVFest and add this special experience onto your time here, or signup just for StoryWorld Sessions in order to dig in deep whether you're old friends or new, join the shenanigans of the StoryWorld tribe.  

Tickets are limited - what are you waiting for?



Co-curated with Facebook and Blend Media, the Summit brings together special guests from Facebook 360 product team and creators from LA, NYC, Paris, London, Madrid and Amsterdam.

The day will feature a keynote by Facebook and talks by artists such as Wesley Allsbrook, the creator of Oculus Story Studio’s hit VR experience, Dear Angelica, fully animated in VR with Oculus Quill (nominated for Best Animation VR Experience Award); Antoine Cayrol, the creator of Alteration which uses Facebook’s AI style transfer algorithm for novel cinematic storytelling (nominated for Best Cinematic Narrative VR Experience Award) and many more. We'll also host a panel on erotic VR experiences with nominees in the Best Sensual VR Experience category. 

The event will also feature pioneering VR experiences and the world premiere of the world's first experimental AR short film, shot on iPhone and created with ARKit.


Please see the full schedule here 👉


We’re pleased to release a discount code for VR creators. The code will guarantee the price £99 (33% off General Admission). Please use the code EARLYBIRD50 at checkout when selecting a 'General Admission' ticket to take advantage of the discounted price at:

The day will be packed with talks and panel discussions featuring the world’s most daring creators such as:

  • Caitlin Ramrakha and Chetan Gupta – special guests from Facebook 360 team who will give a keynote about the Facebook 360 platform and its benefits for 360 filmmakers and creators.

  • Wesley Allsbrook – lead artist, art director and screenwriter of hand-illustrated VR experience Dear AngelicaOculus Studio’s hit experience. Nominated for Raindance VRX Awards Best Animation Experience, it's the world’s first hand-illustrated 360 short created entirely inside VR with Oculus Quill.

  • Antoine Cayrol – executive producer and creator of Alteration, a mysterious cinematic VR narrative, nominated for Raindance VRX Awards Best Cinematic Experience. It uses Facebook’s AI algorithms to allow the viewers to experience what it’s like to be hacked by an AI.

  • Pete Speller (Greenpeace), Grace Boyle (Multisensory Director) and James Manisty (VR Director) – creators of Greenpeace's multisensory virtual reality experience Munduruku: The Fight to Defend the Heart of the Amazon,nominated for Raindance VRX Awards Best Social Impact Experience.

  • Nicole Jackson – co-director of the Guardian's First Impressions, nominated for Raindance VRX Awards Best Documentary Experience.

  • Rafael Pavón – director of Ray, a new interactive VR narrative that allows the experiencer to use their voice to interact with a ray of light. Nominated for Raindance VRX Awards Best Interactive Narrative Experience, Ray will receive its world premiere at the Raindance VR Arcade. Rafael also directed Snatch VR Heist Experience, starring Harry Potter’s Rupert Grint, nominated for Raindance VRX Awards Best Branded Experience.

  • Jane Gauntlett – director of In My Shoes: Intimacy, a first-person sensual documentary designed for two people to experience three encounters from six very different perspectives, nominated for Raindance VRX Awards Best Sensual Experience.

  • Jennifer Lyon Bell – director of artistic, unusual erotic films that portray sexuality in an emotionally realistic way. Her 360 film, Second Date, has been nominated for Raindance VRX Awards Best Sensual Experience.

  • Duncan Walker – indie game developer and filmmaker, director of the world's first AR experimental short film with its World Premiere at Raindance Film Festival

In addition, we're delighted to have been invited to moderate From FIlm to VR : The Road to becoming a Creator on Friday 22nd September at the VUE Leicester Square, London with panellists Richard Nockles - Director of Surround Vision, Avril Furness - VR Creator and Tom Fenwick-Smith - Creative Director, REWIND

road to creator.jpeg



Showcase your web/TV series to Bravo Digital Execs

The Independent Television Festival (ITVFest) is excited to announce that storycentralLABS & Bravo Digital have sealed a new partnership in the search for exciting new series at ITVFest in Manchester, Vermont this October.

bravo logo.jpg

Applications are now open and 6 successful projects will go through a storycentralLAB high-level development workshop with a finale that pitches directly to Bravo Digital, with 1 winner going through for development talks.

To be considered, applicants must have a project that screened at a previous ITVFest, or is selected to screen this year.

Applicants should be alumni of or already be screening at ITVFest.

The deadline to apply for the storycentral/Bravo lab is September 29th, 2017.

Applicants are invited to apply with a short treatment including audience demographics and a short trailer to with:



Name of show:

Number of episodes/seasons:




Attaching a 3-4 page treatment (to include audience demographic information and a 3-5 minute sizzle reel/trailer.

Application deadline is midnight (EST) September 29th 2017.

Successful applicants will be informed in advance of DATE with further details.

All applicants will be informed of final 6 shows selected for inclusion in the showcase/lab and these 6 successful applicants will be announced on ITVFest, storycentral and Bravo Digital website by Friday 6th October 2017.


I understand and agree that acceptance in the storycentralLABS/Bravo Digital Development Lab means that I will participate in a 1-hour on-stage session to an audience (with other successful applicants/teams).  I will then commit to participate in a subsequent private development lab with mentors and will make relevant revisions and amendments with a view to appearing on-stage the following day to repitch my audience engagement strategy and any other developments that may have come from the lab experience.  I understand that this is to win a Bravo Digital Development opportunity and a prolonged dialogue with Bravo Digital Development and storycentralLABS Execs.


Robert Mancini, VP of Content at Bravo Digital said, “While Bravo Digital continues to launch original video concepts aligned with our on-air programming, we are also developing and producing creative within key lifestyle spaces that resonate with our audience’s interests. With that expansion, we’re interested in exploring new, fresh video concepts and creative within the spaces of fashion, travel, and pop culture.  Regardless of format, we’re looking for humor, larger than life characters, and experiences and circumstances beyond the ordinary.”

 Alison Norrington, CEO & Creative Director at storycentral said, “We are excited to return to ITVFest at it’s new home in Manchester this Fall.  We ran a smaller Development Lab with CBS Interactive 2 years ago and are thrilled to scale up for this Digital Development opportunity for webseries and digital creators with Bravo Digital this year.  We encourage storytellers, webseries creators and showrunners to apply using the official application form and we’ll be working with Bravo Digital and ITVFest to shortlist six successful series to dive into our locked-door labs for 2 days in October.  This is an exciting opportunity to get your work seen by, and developed with Bravo Digital and storycentral.”

Application Deadline: September 29th, 2017

Application and enquiries to



kids + vr? story & experience design 101 workshop

Interested in creating great VR story-driven experiences for kids, but have no idea where to start?  

Join us at Childrens Media Conference 2017 for our VR 101 workshop and an exciting and thorough overview of what works (and what doesn’t) when designing for children in VR.

Kid VR Superhero.jpg

With mainstream brands already creating VR experiences for children – from Cartoon Network’s I See Ooo on Cardboard to Framestore’s Fantastic Beasts VR on Google Daydream, Google Expeditions in the classroom to Samsung Bedtime Stories for Samsung allowing a shared experience, this workshop will introduce you to the world of Virtual Reality and responsible storytelling for children. 

You will experience examples of best practices in design from StudioLiddell to VRNI and Fountain Digital, and then it’s your turn to roll up your sleeves and have fun rapidly-prototyping a fun VR short, guided by experts and mentors in the field. 

With so much VR and 360 content lacking story and experience – this is your chance to dive in as a newcomer and walk away knowing how to think for telling stories in VR.

Hosted by storycentral's Alison Norrington & Digital Learning Delivery's Ray Maguire, this will be an enticing and exciting overview as to considerations in structuring a story/experience whilst attempting to regulate and manage concerns over VR + Kids - we believe that many of these concerns can be constrained through smart design structure.

Ray spent 18 years at PlayStation, and now the education space, launching PS1, 2 and 3 along with countless groundbreaking games.  Ray has served/serves on BAFTA Games Committee and is an advisor to Childrens Media Conference.  Alison is renowned for her understanding of story structure, themed entertainment, audience behaviours and experience design.  Together they are a dynamic team and excited to whisk you away to the challenges and excitement of creating amazing storycentric experiences for children in a VR environment.

If you’re ready for a fun-packed afternoon, you’ve come to the right place!

Girls classroom VR.jpg


The London Film School has teamed up with storycentral to bring you our first ever Crossplatform Development Lab.

This 5-day programme is open to writers, producers and directors working in television, film, advertising, branding, web series, games or any other creative visual medium. It’s your opportunity to experience, brainstorm and have fun with digital ideas around a current project. Gather your creative team, submit your project to us and you could spend five days developing your concept in an intensive bootcamp at LFS.

Created, designed and led by storycentralLABS Creative Director Alison Norrington, the Lab combines extensive masterclasses with expert innovators with a ‘games jam’ development approach. With the support and mentorship of high-level industry professionals, you'll learn how to define your target audience, identify fresh approaches to distribution and rollout, and integrate sustainable monetization strategies. This Lab follows similar succesful storycentral partnerships with CBS Interactive, SundanceTV, AMC and Singapore Media Academy.

We’ll introduce you to development executives who can help guide your strategy, audience engagement and digital extension ideas. You’ll get to collaborate with digital, storytelling and industry experts to develop your story, all while fine-tuning your market strategy for the digital age. The Lab will culminate in a pitch to broadcast and agency executives from mainstream commercial networks.


Building on the concepts introduced in Alison’s 2-day Crossplatform Storytelling, Development & Production workshop, the Lab will begin with a core understanding of story, character, genre and audience. The six teams will then explore the intersections of storytelling and technology and how to expand them over timelines, territories and audiences. 

Industry experts will visit the Lab to offer a series of hotspot presentations, while hands-on exercises will provide the highly practical element needed to get your creative juices flowing. Real case studies from film and TV will include The Dark Knight, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, A.I., Hunger Games, Harry Potter and many more. 

Themes explored over the five days will include:

  • The fundamentals of story and why they’re more important now in the ‘Golden Age of Television’ and increasing sophistication of storytelling.

  • Expanding your storyline over timelines, territories and audiences.

  • Engaging audiences by elegantly combining story with experience design.

  • Optimizing evolving and emerging opportunities with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and a host of upcoming Multi Channel Networks and digital extensions.

  • Proving your concept, creating pre-awareness runways and converting your audience into loyal collaborators.

  • User-generated content, the voices of many, participation and interaction.

Participants can apply as individuals, or as teams of up to four people. One project per team will be taken through to be developed in the Lab. Ideally each team will bring their writer and/or director.

International applications are welcome! 

Our aim is to provide an incredible networking opportunity, one where you can meet potential collaborators and learn from your peers.

See more at:


vR - FTW!

A story-driven VR Development & Production Programme : BoostHbg, Sweden - May-December, 2017

We are excited to announce our new VR Program, developed with BoostHbg for creators living and working in Skåne!

We are looking for 4 story-driven 360 °/VR concepts of between 3-8 minutes duration that can be prototyped or created within a SEK 50,000 budget.

The Program is a series of modular labs that run over an 8-month long talent and project development program for storytellers interested in producing a 360 °/VR narrative and include a 1:1 mentor and support over a virtual summer school.

Deadline for applications is 14th April and storytellers, filmmakers, writers, experience designers, artists and other creative professionals living and working in Skåne are welcome to apply.

There is no participation fee, although all successful applicants will be expected to cover their travel costs to attend the workshops.

The goal of the program is to develop 4 strong VR stories and creators and it is important that submissions can be realised using 360 °/VR storytelling.

VR - FTW! is a program developed at BoostHbg for creators living and working in Skåne.  Built from a series of VR Labs that we ran through 2016 we were impressed and excited by the community of storytellers and artists who stepped forward to tell their stories in 360/VR environments.

The program comprises customized VR workshops, lectures and each of the 4 projects is assigned an industry expert as a mentor to work with you through to completion in November.

The training will be project led and applicants will receive a production stipend of SEK50,000, although the program is valued as a contribution of approximately SEK115,000 to support you and your project.

The program will cover core story & storytelling, why VR, ideation, immersion & experience design, introduction and hands-on with technology and hardware, storytelling, scripting and writing for VR, shooting in 360, prototyping and testing, editing, post-production, pitch training, opportunities to meet industry execs and attend industry events.

The program is designed to fully explore the immersive and narrative opportunities of storytelling and experience design in VR and with the support of international experts and mentors 4 projects will be taken through writing, design, development, prototyping and production to showcase their case studies at various industry events throughout the Program and with a view to a series of further industry events.

Who can apply?:

·      You are living and working in Skåne and storytelling is your passion and you have an excitement and interest in creating story-driven experiences in 360/VR.

·      We welcome writers, VR developers, game designers, 360° filmmakers, creative producers,  graphic novelists and VR enthusiasts with the urge to create great content.

·      If you have a processed/developed idea/script that you want to tell in 360 °/VR, where the story is the focus

·      If you have a clear picture of why your story should be told in 360 ° / VR

·      You are prepared to participate in all 4 workshops during the program period (the workshops are always scheduled for weekends and the ’residency’ is conducted with your mentor via Skype over the summer months).

Pssst: You do not need not be a technical professional but should have a basic understanding of how VR / 360 ° works.

NOTE. The program is conducted in English

How to Apply:

Apply with your CV/short bio, 3-4 page story/concept, experiential goals, audience demographic, previous experience in VR and VR stories that have been inspiring or influential to you.

Apply by email to: telling us why you’d like to be part of this program, what stage your project is currently at, why you’d like to tell it in 360/VR, a story description/overview, script samples (if available), brief budget/financial plan and a mood board of style, tone and inspiration.

Shortlisted applications will be interviewed via Skype on 26th and 27th April and the 4 successful applications will be announced and then expected to prepare written and visual materials between 28th April and 19th May in preparation for Lab 1.

More info @ :



virtual reality for children

The Children's Media Conference, Sheffield - 4th-6th July, 2017

CMC LOGO 2017.png

We are thrilled to announce the birth of a new partnership - we will be working with The Children's Media Conference this year as Exec Producers of the new Virtual Reality conference thread for 2017!

Our mission is to bring together the most incredible brains around the exciting and challenging world of VR storytelling with a specific focus on children's content - a cohort that will come together at The Children's Media Conference and share, enlighten, excite and bring a cautionary tale (or two) to designing and writing for young minds in such an immersive medium.  

With Google's "Pearl" being nominated for an Oscar, to the host of exciting VR films showcased at Sundance this year, it's no surprise that VR is on the rise - but amidst all the hype there is concern about the safety of VR for children - the use of headsets, ophthalmology questions, experiential considerations and the question of isolation rather than immersion.   Samsung and BBH brought nighttime stories to life so that families can lovingly connect across any distance with their VR experience “Bedtime VR Stories”, but what else is out there for children who want to dive into great VR? And how can parents play a part in such a solitary experience?.

If you have a specific interest, focus or experience creating VR stories and experiences for children, then please email us at as we're currently curating some of the most interesting, exciting, challenging and groundbreaking conversations around VR for children.

We hope you're excited - we most definitely are!


From :

'The Children’s Media Conference is the only gathering in the UK for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids – on all platforms.  We welcome delegates from film, TV, radio, interactive media, games, licensing, toys, book and magazine publishing, the arts and culture sector and educational media  – with speakers from all those areas and beyond.  It’s the only time when delegates from across the whole industry get together and it’s the best and most cost-effective way of meeting people to share insights and information relevant to your business.'




Singapore Media Academy, 4-5th April 2017


The world of filmmaking and broader content production has changed beyond recognition and the old rules need to be thrown away. This 2-day masterclass covers the storycentral practical approach to developing transmedia projects and presents a new model for filmmakers and content providers to connect with their audiences.

This is very much a pragmatic look at the latest methods, tools and best practices from someone with practical experience and insight into what it takes to effectively tells stories in today’s digitally connected word.


•   Developing transmedia ideas from concept through development, what to look out for

•   How to set up a transmedia production

•   Working out the critical factors for achieving transmedia success

•   How to define your success metrics, what to look for

•   What skills will you need to make a transmedia production work

•   What are the essential cost issues, where can you save money

•   Developing a transmedia production plan before you start

•   How to help large companies move into transmedia content production

•   Securing funding for your transmedia productions


Media Professionals, Producers, Marketers, Filmmakers

IMDA Talent Assistance Grant Registration Closing Date: 14 March 2017

For more information, click here





Broadcast Asia, Singapore - 31st May, 2016


storycentralLABS will be partnering with a well-known broadcast for their debut in the Asia region, as part of Broadcast Asia 2016's Creative Content Production Conference.



London Film School, Covent Garden - 21st-22nd May, 2016




storycentralLABS & DR

Festival de Télévision, Monte Carlo - 14th-15th June, 2016

We're delighted to announce our newest partnership at the launch of the Festival de Televisions ConTech Academy. with Danish broadcasters, DR - home of epic shows such as The Killing and The Bridge.  

  • The lab is open to professionals, and young creators/ students over the age of 18

  • Applicants must fill out an online Application Form with all the information requested. (No fee is required to apply)

  • Application deadline is 5.00 PM GMT Friday May 20th, but successful participants will be informed within 48-hours

Selected finalist teams will be invited to join the Festival de Télévision  Pitch Session & Prize Ceremony on Wednesday June 15 th at 4.45 PM to present their digital story extensions developed within the lab, in front of a Jury and the Festival ConTech Academy attendees and Media.

The winning team will receive a Grand Prize!

(A short and informal pitch training session on the morning of Wednesday June 15th will also be offered to the teams, to prepare them for their afternoon Pitch & Prize presentation).

Click on Application Form 2016 and sign up now.  Application Form can also be found at


The lab is hosted by Alison Norrington in partnershi p with DR's Kare Poulson and mentors include storycentral friends Brian Seth Hurst, Annika Gustafson, John Heinsen, and Lorenzo Benedetti.




storycentralLABS & CBS Interactive

ITVFest, Vermont - September, 2015


We’re extremely excited to announce our 3 finalists for our upcoming storycentralLABS with CBS Interactive at ITVFestnext week in Vermont.

Submissions were only open to shows officially selected to screen at ITVFest and we went through many submissions before we finally agreed on our final 3, who will be taken through the storycentralLABS rapid prototyping/development workshop.

CBS Interactive : The Mentors & Jurors

David Katz, VP, Content and Business Development, CBS Interactive.

David Katz, VP, Content and Business Development, CBS Interactive.

Dennis Williams, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, HBO.

Dennis Williams, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, HBO.

Jesse Albert, PGA New Media Council Board Member (formerly of ICM).

Jesse Albert, PGA New Media Council Board Member (formerly of ICM).

Bernie Su, Writer, Creator, Producer.

Bernie Su, Writer, Creator, Producer.

Brian Seth Hurst, Chief Storyteller, Co-Founder StoryTech and Global Digital Ambassador for the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Brian Seth Hurst, Chief Storyteller, Co-Founder StoryTech and Global Digital Ambassador for the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Dan Milano, International Social Media Manager, Dailymotion.

Dan Milano, International Social Media Manager, Dailymotion.




Merging Media, Vancouver - November 2014