vR - FTW!

A story-driven VR Development & Production Programme : BoostHbg, Sweden - May-December, 2017

We are excited to announce our new VR Program, developed with BoostHbg for creators living and working in Skåne!

We are looking for 4 story-driven 360 °/VR concepts of between 3-8 minutes duration that can be prototyped or created within a SEK 50,000 budget.

The Program is a series of modular labs that run over an 8-month long talent and project development program for storytellers interested in producing a 360 °/VR narrative and include a 1:1 mentor and support over a virtual summer school.

Deadline for applications is 14th April and storytellers, filmmakers, writers, experience designers, artists and other creative professionals living and working in Skåne are welcome to apply.

There is no participation fee, although all successful applicants will be expected to cover their travel costs to attend the workshops.

The goal of the program is to develop 4 strong VR stories and creators and it is important that submissions can be realised using 360 °/VR storytelling.

VR - FTW! is a program developed at BoostHbg for creators living and working in Skåne.  Built from a series of VR Labs that we ran through 2016 we were impressed and excited by the community of storytellers and artists who stepped forward to tell their stories in 360/VR environments.

The program comprises customized VR workshops, lectures and each of the 4 projects is assigned an industry expert as a mentor to work with you through to completion in November.

The training will be project led and applicants will receive a production stipend of SEK50,000, although the program is valued as a contribution of approximately SEK115,000 to support you and your project.

The program will cover core story & storytelling, why VR, ideation, immersion & experience design, introduction and hands-on with technology and hardware, storytelling, scripting and writing for VR, shooting in 360, prototyping and testing, editing, post-production, pitch training, opportunities to meet industry execs and attend industry events.

The program is designed to fully explore the immersive and narrative opportunities of storytelling and experience design in VR and with the support of international experts and mentors 4 projects will be taken through writing, design, development, prototyping and production to showcase their case studies at various industry events throughout the Program and with a view to a series of further industry events.

Who can apply?:

·      You are living and working in Skåne and storytelling is your passion and you have an excitement and interest in creating story-driven experiences in 360/VR.

·      We welcome writers, VR developers, game designers, 360° filmmakers, creative producers,  graphic novelists and VR enthusiasts with the urge to create great content.

·      If you have a processed/developed idea/script that you want to tell in 360 °/VR, where the story is the focus

·      If you have a clear picture of why your story should be told in 360 ° / VR

·      You are prepared to participate in all 4 workshops during the program period (the workshops are always scheduled for weekends and the ’residency’ is conducted with your mentor via Skype over the summer months).

Pssst: You do not need not be a technical professional but should have a basic understanding of how VR / 360 ° works.

NOTE. The program is conducted in English

How to Apply:

Apply with your CV/short bio, 3-4 page story/concept, experiential goals, audience demographic, previous experience in VR and VR stories that have been inspiring or influential to you.

Apply by email to: ansokningsportalen.se telling us why you’d like to be part of this program, what stage your project is currently at, why you’d like to tell it in 360/VR, a story description/overview, script samples (if available), brief budget/financial plan and a mood board of style, tone and inspiration.

Shortlisted applications will be interviewed via Skype on 26th and 27th April and the 4 successful applications will be announced and then expected to prepare written and visual materials between 28th April and 19th May in preparation for Lab 1.

More info @ : https://boosthbg.se/nyheter/ansok-till-vr-ftw/


virtual reality for children

The Children's Media Conference, Sheffield - 4th-6th July, 2017

CMC LOGO 2017.png

We are thrilled to announce the birth of a new partnership - we will be working with The Children's Media Conference this year as Exec Producers of the new Virtual Reality conference thread for 2017!

Our mission is to bring together the most incredible brains around the exciting and challenging world of VR storytelling with a specific focus on children's content - a cohort that will come together at The Children's Media Conference and share, enlighten, excite and bring a cautionary tale (or two) to designing and writing for young minds in such an immersive medium.  

With Google's "Pearl" being nominated for an Oscar, to the host of exciting VR films showcased at Sundance this year, it's no surprise that VR is on the rise - but amidst all the hype there is concern about the safety of VR for children - the use of headsets, ophthalmology questions, experiential considerations and the question of isolation rather than immersion.   Samsung and BBH brought nighttime stories to life so that families can lovingly connect across any distance with their VR experience “Bedtime VR Stories”, but what else is out there for children who want to dive into great VR? And how can parents play a part in such a solitary experience?.

If you have a specific interest, focus or experience creating VR stories and experiences for children, then please email us at hello@storycentral.com as we're currently curating some of the most interesting, exciting, challenging and groundbreaking conversations around VR for children.

We hope you're excited - we most definitely are!


From http://www.thechildrensmediaconference.com :

'The Children’s Media Conference is the only gathering in the UK for everyone involved in developing, producing and distributing content to kids – on all platforms.  We welcome delegates from film, TV, radio, interactive media, games, licensing, toys, book and magazine publishing, the arts and culture sector and educational media  – with speakers from all those areas and beyond.  It’s the only time when delegates from across the whole industry get together and it’s the best and most cost-effective way of meeting people to share insights and information relevant to your business.'



Singapore Media Academy, 4-5th April 2017


The world of filmmaking and broader content production has changed beyond recognition and the old rules need to be thrown away. This 2-day masterclass covers the storycentral practical approach to developing transmedia projects and presents a new model for filmmakers and content providers to connect with their audiences.

This is very much a pragmatic look at the latest methods, tools and best practices from someone with practical experience and insight into what it takes to effectively tells stories in today’s digitally connected word.


•   Developing transmedia ideas from concept through development, what to look out for

•   How to set up a transmedia production

•   Working out the critical factors for achieving transmedia success

•   How to define your success metrics, what to look for

•   What skills will you need to make a transmedia production work

•   What are the essential cost issues, where can you save money

•   Developing a transmedia production plan before you start

•   How to help large companies move into transmedia content production

•   Securing funding for your transmedia productions


Media Professionals, Producers, Marketers, Filmmakers

IMDA Talent Assistance Grant Registration Closing Date: 14 March 2017

For more information, click here




Broadcast Asia, Singapore - 31st May, 2016


storycentralLABS will be partnering with a well-known broadcast for their debut in the Asia region, as part of Broadcast Asia 2016's Creative Content Production Conference.


London Film School, Covent Garden - 21st-22nd May, 2016

SPACES LIMITED - SIGN UP AT http://lfs.org.uk/workshops/lfs-workshops/1605/crossplatform-storytelling-development-production

SPACES LIMITED - SIGN UP AT http://lfs.org.uk/workshops/lfs-workshops/1605/crossplatform-storytelling-development-production

storycentralLABS & DR

Festival de Télévision, Monte Carlo - 14th-15th June, 2016

We're delighted to announce our newest partnership at the launch of the Festival de Televisions ConTech Academy. with Danish broadcasters, DR - home of epic shows such as The Killing and The Bridge.  

  • The lab is open to professionals, and young creators/ students over the age of 18
  • Applicants must fill out an online Application Form with all the information requested. (No fee is required to apply)
  • Application deadline is 5.00 PM GMT Friday May 20th, but successful participants will be informed within 48-hours

Selected finalist teams will be invited to join the Festival de Télévision  Pitch Session & Prize Ceremony on Wednesday June 15 th at 4.45 PM to present their digital story extensions developed within the lab, in front of a Jury and the Festival ConTech Academy attendees and Media.

The winning team will receive a Grand Prize!

(A short and informal pitch training session on the morning of Wednesday June 15th will also be offered to the teams, to prepare them for their afternoon Pitch & Prize presentation).

Click on Application Form 2016 and sign up now.  Application Form can also be found at http://www.tvfestival.com/491-


The lab is hosted by Alison Norrington in partnershi p with DR's Kare Poulson and mentors include storycentral friends Brian Seth Hurst, Annika Gustafson, John Heinsen, and Lorenzo Benedetti.



storycentralLABS & CBS Interactive

ITVFest, Vermont - September, 2015


We’re extremely excited to announce our 3 finalists for our upcoming storycentralLABS with CBS Interactive at ITVFestnext week in Vermont.

Submissions were only open to shows officially selected to screen at ITVFest and we went through many submissions before we finally agreed on our final 3, who will be taken through the storycentralLABS rapid prototyping/development workshop.

CBS Interactive : The Mentors & Jurors

David Katz, VP, Content and Business Development, CBS Interactive.  

David Katz, VP, Content and Business Development, CBS Interactive.


Dennis Williams, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, HBO.

Dennis Williams, VP, Corporate Social Responsibility, HBO.

Jesse Albert, PGA New Media Council Board Member (formerly of ICM).  

Jesse Albert, PGA New Media Council Board Member (formerly of ICM).


Bernie Su, Writer, Creator, Producer.

Bernie Su, Writer, Creator, Producer.

Brian Seth Hurst, Chief Storyteller, Co-Founder StoryTech and Global Digital Ambassador for the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Brian Seth Hurst, Chief Storyteller, Co-Founder StoryTech and Global Digital Ambassador for the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Dan Milano, International Social Media Manager, Dailymotion.

Dan Milano, International Social Media Manager, Dailymotion.



Merging Media, Vancouver - November 2014