studio models, story models, creative and production processes

In planning a robust and balanced program for StoryWorld, I’ve been taking long hard looks at studio models, story models, creative and production processes and trying to do what I was talking about in my TEDx Transmedia talk today – look for patterns and themes, and identify where the gaps are.

I’ve been working with this image for a while now, trying to see how and where processes and models have changed and before I publish my thoughts I’d really like to see what you guys think about this..  Ironically it is slightly similar to a very basic template that I use when I teach Transmedia Masterclass across Europe and Middle East for European Broadcasting Union – but more about that later.

This Disney image from the 1940/50′s show’s how Walt’s in-house creative process and story model generated STORY first, whilst infusing character models, story research, story development, story procurement, scripts and dialogue, story sketches, writers and gags all at that story development phase.

The story then channels down to DIRECTION – passing repeatedly back and forth through animation/paint and ink, layout, background, music, camera, sound and finally through to cutting and re-recording before it finally drops down to the lab space.

Whilst these continual creative, incubative, developmental phases are being nurtured, the entire process and system is supported either side by the pillars of PRODUCTION and MANAGEMENT.

Disney studio models, creative processes


It’s a great visual, and historical artifact now, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on how this might look very different when considering our more 360, immersive and participatory story models and creative processes now.

Firstly, that LAB box at the bottom?  Move that to the top, and then reinstall it 3 or 4 times as the story progresses through the process!

Answers on a postcard not necessary – simply comment here and let’s thrash it out!  Looking for collaborators…


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