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Here’s a heady list – a shout out, a call for just about anything, everything, you’ve got!

You’ll find calls for proposals, submissions, ideas, contributions, papers, applications, games and opportunities here – spanning Geneva, Paris, Singapore, Crete, Nebraska and Munich – with a sweet $5,000 up for grabs, courtesy of Intel.

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call for proposals:

EU MEDIA Development funding …………………….

New Calls for Proposals for the European MEDIA development funding schemes
have been published. Experienced independent European producers of fiction,
animation, documentary and interactive projects can submit funding
applications. Interactive Project Development is aimed at companies that
have produced at least one previous interactive project (distributed
recently), and that now plan to develop an interactive project which
complements an audiovisual project.

deadline: April 12 2013


… call for contributions:

Foundations of Digital Games 2013  ………….
call for papers, workshops, panels, experimental games and participation:
Foundations of Digital Games 2013, Chania, Crete, Greece, May 14 – 17 2013

Invited are researchers and educators to submit to FDG 2013 and share
insights and cutting-edge research related to game technologies and their


deadlines: Papers, panel proposals, doctoral consortium: December 10 2012;
Research and experimental game festival: January 13 2013;

Posters and demos:  March 4 2013


…. call for ideas:

Intel® Future Contest …………………..

The Intel® Future Contest introduces a new sensing technology. The
technology can be embodied in a device, a set of devices, a system, platform
and/or services. It is for personal, not industrial/large business use. The
goal of the contest is to understand how you would use this technology, and
what it would look like. Due to its very small size, gadgets embodying this
technology can be worn/carried/used 24 hours a day. All ideas should be as
detailed and comprehensible as possible. Entries must be in English. Award:
1st place: $5,000; 2nd place: $2,500; 3rd place: $1,500

deadline: December 18 2012


….. call für applications:

UAMO Art Festival in Munich 2013 …………..
UAMO (Urban Art and Media Organisation) Art Festival
Munich, Germany, Spring 2013

The international and interdisciplinary UAMO ART FESTIVAL takes place in
Munich since 2004 and annually offers more than 50 artists from around the
world a platform for their works. The festival’s theme to which the artists
can present their works varies each year. Recent themes have been ” Ultra
Social” (2011) or “Konsens – Nonsens” (2010). 2012/13 the theme is “PLAY
TIME”. In addition to the ART FESTIVAL in Munich, there is the UAMO CITY
TOUR 2012/2013 in Sofia, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, Zurich, Gyumri
(Armenia), Cairo, Valencia and London.

deadline: December 31 2012


…… call for papers:

ACII 2013.

The 5th International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction ……………………….
Geneva, Switzerland, September 2 – 5 2013

This ACII edition will emphasize the humanistic side of affective
computing by promoting publications at the cross-road between
engineering and human sciences (including biological, social and
cultural aspects of human life).


deadlines: Regular Papers: April 2 2013;

Doctoral Consortium Papers: April 15 2013;

Interactive Events (Demos): April 29 2013;


…… call for applications:


Vector Game + Art Convergence is a four day Game Art Festival and symposium
centered around games as the tool and inspiration for contemporary art
making. Works of all media will be considered for an exhibition surveying a
spectrum of practices within game art. Video for installation, interactive
works of new media, print media, sculpture, textile and more. More than
simply fan artworks based on games and gaming culture, we are seeking works
that challenge assumptions about gaming writ large. Formal investigations on
the medium will be considered as well as works that push the form of Œgames¹
into the experimental.

deadline: December 10 2012


….. call for games:

Epic Flash Game Contest  ……………………….
(winners will be announce on March 27 2013 during GDC)

To promote WhipFlash, their new game funding and distribution partner, Epic
Game Ads in cooperation with PlayerScale and Adobe, are presenting the first
Epic Flash Game Contest. To participate, simply build a great multiplayer
game with micro-transactions using Player.IO tools … In addition to the
prizes, winners will receive a lifetime 50% Net Revenue from the game.

deadline: February 18 2013.


…. call for papers:

Digital Humanities ……………………………..
call for papers: Digital Humanities 2013 (³Freedom to Explore²),

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, USA, July 16 – 19 2013

Digital Humanities is the annual international conference of the Alliance of
Digital Humanities Organizations, which includes the Association for
Computers in the Humanities, the Association for Literary and Linguistic
Computing, the Society for Digital Humanities/Société pour l¹étude des
médias interactifs, and centerNet.

deadline: February 15 2013 (workshops)


… cfp:

Serious Games & Social Connect Conference …………………….

Call for Papers: Serious Games & Social Connect Conference.

Theme: ‘Subconscious Learning via Games and Social Media’,

Singapore, August  26 ­-28 2013

In recent years, several enterprises have realised the potential of using
games to introduce concepts and ideas about their services and products
using games and the social media platform. This was aided by the
proliferation of mobile devices. As such, games are no longer Œchild¹s
play¹. Working adults and seniors are beginnning to play more games.
At the same time, academic research in gaming technologies has recently
witnessed a plateau in improving rendering, texture mapping, physics and
artificial intelligence. There is currently a change in focus towards the
human users ­ user experiences, effective game story-boarding,
human-computer interaction and optimal experience design.

deadlines: Technical Papers -  February 1,

Industry Abstracts – March 1 2013


.. call for submissions:

CHI 2013 ……………………………………
Paris 22 April – 2 May 2013

The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the
premier international conference on human-computer interaction. CHI 2013 is
about changing perspectives. The conference is multidisciplinary, drawing
from science, engineering and design, with contributions from research
and industry.

deadline: January 5 2013 (alt.chi, interactivity, student competitions and


. call for participation:

Game Jam at CHI 2013 ………………………..
Paris, France, April 27 ­ 28

Game Jams ­energized, fast-paced get-togethers of developers and artists to
make digital games ­ have emerged as a way to generate and provoke novel
game ideas. To introduce the HCI community to this collaborative fast-paced
approach to quick results, there will be a 2-day Game Jam that focusing on
new physical interfaces. During this hands-on workshop, participants
will collaborate with other researchers and practitioners across the CHI
community to build games with novel physical interfaces.

deadline: January 11 2013